An Era of Lawlessness

We live in an era of lawlessness.

It starts at the top with a president who breaks laws with impunity. It includes police who can violate rights with no consequence. And it extends to the looter who breaks windows to steal, emboldened by lawbreakers all around. They are connected. Lawlessness permeates our society.

How did we get here? And how do we get back to a law-following society?

It didn’t have to be like this. We elected a president who was a rule breaker. Remember how he bragged that the fact that he paid no taxes made him “smart” not a tax evader? Remember how talk of sexual harassment, kissing & grabbing a woman by her genetalia was “just locker room talk?” He has excused away endless campaign finance law violations. Meanwhile, many of his employees and associates have been convicted for the same acts.

He has violated so many laws I had to create a document to keep track.

When laws are disrespected, we have lawlessness.

When people see that others can violate the law with no consequence, we are naturally upset and resentful. When the police see that the leaders of the country can get away with almost anything, why should they expect they will be held to account? When looters know the president and the police can take things without permission — whether it is kissing a woman without consent or putting a knee on a neck — it emboldens them.

The path of holding Trump accountable through the courts will take time and he is shielded from some prosecution while he is president. The #1 method to hold him accountable and declare enough is enough is to vote him out. We also need to vote out the Republicans who have enabled him in the Senate and House.

If you want a lawful USA, you have to start at the top.